Recapping an Intro Session

I decided that anyone in the group who wanted could come over and learn this new edition. Two of the folks involved tonight were part of the Imperium Campaign that ended earlier this year. The third person wasn’t in the campaign, but watched the last several sessions of the campaign.

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DM 101: Character Generation

After getting the basics out of the way¬†during the Session Zero, it’s time to move to character generation. If you have time, I would suggest doing character generation during the Session Zero. Everyone is there, thinking about the type of game that is about to be played.

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DM 101: Session Zero

I’ve got to say that holding a session zero is something that is recent thing for me. Back when I first started playing, it wasn’t really a thing. Whoever was DMing would dictate the background and style for what was going to go on. Maybe there would be a character creation session with all the players so the party didn’t have all fighters or all wizards.

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DM 101: Philosophy

I’ve been playing some form of D&D for more than 30 years. I’ve split time as a player and as a DM. I’ve played in just about every edition from both sides of the screens. Through the years my style of DMing has changed, just as the style of DMing presented in the game has changed.

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