Recapping an Intro Session

The Shadowrun campaign has hit a hiccup the last few sessions and it looked like tonight was going to not happen as well. Life happens and this group has had an unusually long time of not having serious scheduling issues.

I decided that anyone in the group who wanted could come over and learn this new edition. Two of the folks involved tonight were part of the Imperium Campaign that ended earlier this year. The third person wasn’t in the campaign, but watched the last several sessions of the campaign.

I printed up the pregens from the Dungeons and Dragons website and used a copy of the Lost Mines of Phandelver. Before we started playing I covered some of the differences between the two editions, which didn’t seem to be too hard to catch onto. I’m sure there will be questions to come, but tonight was about mechanics.

The players selected a human variant cleric, a halfling rogue, and a drow rogue. I subtly tried to persuade the player from the drow as the daylight sensitivity drawback would be a hindrance for most activities during the day. However, since this was meant as a tutorial, we moved forward.

I’m not the biggest user of published material, but I know this product is a good starting point. The first major encounter is an ambush by goblins. The players responded to the attack with what might be less than ideal practices. I also rolled well and quickly had knocked out Jade the halfling rogue. A lucky critical hit took out Jenn the drow rogue, who had been dealing well with having disadvantage on all her attacks. Jenn was the first character in 4 years that I’ve managed to kill. Selena the human tempest managed to hang on and kill off the last goblins.

Everyone had fun and definitely found things the like about this edition. It was nice to be behind the screen again running something. It’s definitely got my juices flowing to do this again some more.


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