Tales of the Imperium: Durganza

Durganza’s whole world was being turned upside down as his mother pushed him out of her lair. The adult dragon towered over her young. She easily could kill him if he didn’t heed her instructions.

“The time my youngling has come for you to make your own way in this world. I’ve taught you how to hunt, how to use your weapons, and that above all, that you are one of Tiamat’s own. Let nothing and no one ever get the best of you. But if you ever come back to this lair, know that I will kill you or you will kill me.”

The young black dragon heard the words and giving his wings a couple flaps; he leapt into the air and took flight. The swamp of his birth was a place plentiful with food and fun. He and his litter mates had grown fat on fish, frogs, lizards, and anything else that had wandered into their range. His mother had taught him how to use his acidic breath to wound his enemy before rending them with his claws and teeth.

Now he was going to have to find his own place in the world. Winging low over the tops of trees, he knew he was going to need to find some place to keep hidden when he slept and a place to store his treasure. He’d seen the horde his mother had accumulated and he wanted that.

As the swamp gave way to hills, the smell of smoke caught his nose. Circling a bit, he found the source of the smoke, a home set into the side of a hill was on fire. As he circled again and again, he saw that small little reptile looking humanoids were pitching torches at the house as another taller humanoid was swinging a weapon at them.

As he lazily watched, he saw the humanoid with the weapon was starting to get the better of the little reptile creatures. For whatever reason, Durganza decided to get involved. With the last circle, he turned his body and came in to charge at the armed humanoid. He caught the humanoid with this jaws, tearing at his arm. He turned to see the humanoid swing the weapon at him and felt the blade harmlessly bounce off of his scaled hide.

Durganza could sense the fear that was in this creature at his presence. He reared his head back and spat out a stream of his acidic breath at the humanoid. He heard the screams of pain, but the creature didn’t go down. Wildly the weapon was swung at him and once again it harmlessly deflected off of his scales.

With a quick whip of his tail, Durganza took the humanoid off of his feet. With that opening, he pounced and delivered a life ending bite. He ate some of the flesh of the creature when he noticed the small reptiles around him. He raised his head up and scanned their faces. The look of admiration was like a spotlight shining on him. Several of the small creatures came out of the home in the hill with the meager possessions that they felt had value and laid them at his feet. Durganza looked at it and grinned. One of the reptiles stepped forward and spoke.

“Great dragon who delivered us from this human, please accept these as tribute and accept us as your people. We, the Kolish kobolds swear ourselves to you oh great dragon.”

Durganza liked the sound of that. He’d heard of kobolds from his mother. She’d told them that sometimes you need to have servants and kobolds will readily serve.

“My name is Durganza and I accept your tribe as my own. Show me to my new home and I will make you my people.”

In the years since then, the Kolish had to abandon their hillside home when giants moved in. Even though Durganza is a dragon, he alone was not enough to fend off a nomadic tribe of hill giants. Plus he had been longing to find a true swamp to live in. When he found the Blackmarsh swamp, he figured he’d found his home for good.


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