Rolling With the Punches

The greatest enemy to this hobby is the obstacles that life throws in your way. Obstacles are generally a neutral thing, where they can be good changes in your life like an addition to your family or it could be something negative, like someone getting ill. As gamers we have to try to work around those obstacles to continue. But sometimes the obstacles are huge and campaigns will end because there’s no coming back from the obstacle.

Sadly my work campaign is ending because of job changes for all of us. As a DM, it bothers me to leave the story unfinished. And with my workmates, this is the second campaign that has ended. But the positive take away for me is that I introduced this game to two people who had never played it before and they have taken to it. I’m not sure what their gaming futures are and I would love to find a way to continue to play with them.

The home game continues strong, we actually added a new player character to the mix who will be working his way into things shortly. But even with that, I’m starting to look towards what will end up being the wind down of the campaign. With the home game though, I know that should this campaign wind down, there will be something to follow it up, whether it’s a version of D&D or as my players have asked, jumping to Shadowrun.

D&D is a game that has been bringing people around tables for 40+ years. For my life, it has brought some of my best friends of the last 25+ years to my life. And it continues to pull people into my circle of friends and framily. Framily are those people who might not be blood, but they are as close as that, maybe even closer.

This game and other RPGs, are part of my blood and maybe my future will pull me even more into this industry. As for Wilblesnarf and Puffington, I’m sorry that you didn’t get to explore the world more. You were heroes on the verge of greatness. I would have loved to see how you would have developed, how you would have handled the Fiend, and the heights you would have achieved.


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