The Lunch Campaign Renaissance 

A Dungeon Master is truly lucky when he finds players who want to play the game with a passion. I’m one such DM. The lunch campaign, Duchy of Dumar, ended after almost 9 months of planning and playing. It seems that those that played had a good experience and so when the storyline died, the players who remained wanted to play.

So a new world was born. I haven’t come up with a catchy name for it yet and maybe I should leave that up to my players. What we do have though is the beginning of an interesting story. The group is made up of the players behind Xilthen and Timbletoe. Now they are Wilblesnarf and Puffington respectively. Wilblesnarf is a forest gnome druid who was raised by a dryad as a foundling. Puffington is a hill dwarf ranger hailing from a small nation of hill dwarves. Both are on a journey of exploring the larger world, both figuratively and literally.

The campaign started in a trading town on the western edge of a kingdom. From this location they’ve begun a trek west to investigate a missing caravan. They made it so far to tje nearest waystation, where it looks like a massacre has been committed by a band of goblins. Curiously the goblins have attempted to clean up the mess made by the attack and didn’t burn down the buildings as would be expected. The party, now including some npcs sent with them to fill out their ranks, stand puzzled at what is going on.


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