Post Mortem: Duchy of Dumar

The challenges of a workplace campaign is schedules and turn over. And ultimately that’s what ended this campaign prematurely. The group was able to deal with scheduling issues. From the start of the campaign it was all agreed that real life and work comes first. Missing sessions never deterred the game, for most of the players missing sessions just made them want to play more.

Turn over however was damaging. The group started out with 5 players and through the months the number was pared down to 2, between players needing to drop out of the game due to leaving the company or just not having the time to play on a consistent schedule. Eventually 1 of the 2 core players resigned and to continue on the campaign was going to stretch the suspension of disbelief.

I wouldn’t call my first foray into DMing a 5th Edition campaign a failure. I introduced D&D to several people who’d never played before and who have taken to the game with gusto. The players all had fun as they explored the setting which I tried to run as much as a sandbox as possible.

The good news however is that there are now 3 players interested in playing. So we’re going to be starting up a new campaign. I think this speaks volumes as we weren’t ready to stop playing all together. We just need to reset the campaign and we’ll see where things go. So to the Duchy of Dumar we bid a fond good-bye and to the new ¬†campaign, we will be saying a gracious hello.


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