For the Imperium campaign, the party is in the process of tracking down their heroic tier nemesis. This is very likely to be the one and only time they ever face this NPC in person, as in the past they’ve only ever gotten a glance of him. How is he their nemesis you might ask? Well in their early layers they foiled a protection racket he was running, which made him send his mercenaries after them in town. They defeated his forces, but quickly departed the city they were in to get a little breathing room between him and them. After that encounter, they were informed that there was a bounty on all of them.

For several adventures, this bounty was just something in the ether, never actually coming into play. It had taken them months to run into more of his mercenaries, which was part of plot to cause chaos in the Elven forest, catching them up in a conflict between a green dragon and a green hag. They easily handled the situation, made allies of the dragon and hag, and then proceeded on to Elven capital. This was the only location where they’ve had to deal with bounty hunters, though that encounter was memorable as the party was put to the test.

For their part, the party has come after this NPC hard, most recently using captured mercenary uniforms to put a split between the NPC and a powerful politician he was trying to get in league with. With the wedge between the politician and nemesis, they were given the green light by the local city guard captain to take out their nemesis.

Last session began the assault on a tower fort that the nemesis had holed up in with his mercenaries. It should be interesting to see what the party does once their nemesis is out of the picture.



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