On being the narrator

The lunch campaign had our first play session yesterday. One of the things we decided to do for this campaign is to not use a battle map and miniatures. Now back in the day when I was running games for my brother or my friends, we were always doing theater of the mind, but for the past 6 or so years of playing 4th Edition, I’ve gotten used to the battle map and how it describes the locations the party is in.

As I was setting the scene that opened the session, I began to realize that my narration skills are lacking. The player behind the barbarian Sevoric was asking great questions to flesh out the location, but I realized afterwards I should have been way more descriptive. That’s something I’m going to have to work on as we move forward.

The session went about an hour, we got through two combat sequences and a bit of interaction here and there. I only had three players this session, as the one drawback of playing at work is work intruding as well as just the need to run errands on lunch breaks.

One cool side effect of our playing is a co-worker unfamiliar with the game sat in to watch for a moment and afterwards came to me wanting to join the game. I’d say that’s a great success.


One thought on “On being the narrator

  1. The extinguished fires in the city still smoldered, leaving wisps of smoke curling around the celebratory banners hung over the square. Bandit blood gleamed wetly on the cobblestones, accenting the cheerful red of the decorations used to signify the Celebration of Heroes. Anguished cries from the cobbler rang out over the eerily quiet city as he realized his daughter was among those taken by the Bandit King.


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