World Building: The Duchy of Dumar – The Mythos

The work campaign is moving towards the first actual play session. We did a session zero where we set expectations around the game we’re going to play. We did a character generation session and right now the party looks like a wood elf ranger, a wood elf fighter, a human barbarian, and a half-elf bard.

The setting is based loosely on a campaign I played in as a kid, though it’s set 50 years after the events of the campaign. The world has changed and I’m not totally holding myself to the world as it was created back then. One thing I have been working on is the mythos of the world. Back in the original campaign, the deities weren’t really named or involved. Yes the party had a cleric, but who the deity was that she served was never a factor. But now this is a thing for the campaign and I decided after a lot of thought to eschew any of the pantheons that are presented in the PHB or DMG. So with a random name generator and a bit of advice from the DMG, I came up with a 8 deity, loose pantheon. Other than their names and domains, I don’t have really any mythology written up yet and I’m leaving some of that up to the players to come up with.

Something I decided about my deities that is different from the pantheons in the books is the deities have no alignment. My idea is that deities should be beyond the idea of alignment. The deities are a force behind a concept and it really is a question of how the believers interpret those concepts. So take a look at the pantheon The Gods and Goddesses


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