Getting Started

I’ve been playing tabletop role-playing games for nearly thirty years now. My older brother got introduced to Dungeons & Dragons in his gifted middle school class and brought it home. I began as a player with him as my dungeon master and we played for many years. Eventually I got the desire to try out as a DM and found it enjoyable.

Flash forward and I’ve been running a nearly weekly game of 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons with my group of friends for two plus years. With breaks here and there for illness, personal tragedies, and vacations, those players about to finish the major arc of their story and defeat a long time villain. As long as the D&D Insider continues to work, this group will continue to play 4th Edition.

I’ve also been itching to start a 5th Edition game. I’ve played a few times and have found the system is really fun and easy. So I’m introducing the game to a group of my coworkers and we’re going to start a lunch time campaign. Almost all of the players have some experience with RPGs, either having played earlier editions of Dungeons and Dragons or having played other role-playing games. One player is brand new to the table top version, but he’s a video game player with a penchant for RPGs.

Right now the game is set to be played one lunch break a week. While this schedule is suboptimal for playing, I’m hoping that when we get into the action, the players will open up their commitment to play.

So far we’ve had one session, where we set expectations and I gave a synopsis of the setting. Well, the setting as far as I’ve created. I’m very much a fan of the collaborative storytelling model that is the new paradigm. So there is a lot of the world that the players are going to flesh out.

Our next session is going to be character generation.

So the purpose of the blog is to share brief recaps of both campaigns plus exploring different techniques of playing role-playing games. I’m definitely open to constructive feedback, so please let me know how I’m doing.


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